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WinAmp Skins Creator

WinAmp Skins Creator Intro

  This program is designed for creating skins for one of the most popular mp3 players - WinAmp. Before now, only a small amount of users was able to draw their own skins, and the process itself takes much time. With this application, you can do it in about a couple of minutes of mouse-clicking. The skin itself gets generated in a few seconds!!!

  The process of making a skin is based on applying several filters (named "styles") on the original picture. Creation of a style, with the help of some graphic editor, is not difficult. I hope that you will be so kind as to send me your own style when you make one ;)

  The building of a skin is very simple - choose the style, then select likely colours (which depends on the style, desired picture, and your own taste), and click on the button "Preview" to see what happening. Then, when you like the result, press "Create Skin" and voila! - While listening to the favorite compositions, you can proudly admire your work.

  You can download the program (with 3 styles):


  WinAmp Skins Creator v 1.1 (   (1,3 Mb)
  WinAmp Skins Creator v 1.1 (   (1,3 Mb)


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